Welcome to the Coordinated Community Response Model Online Toolkit

The Coordinated Community Response to domestic violence (CCRM) was designed as a blueprint against which local services could map their provision for domestic violence services in order to assess their current response and identify any gaps.

Designed for strategic planners, this toolkit will provide you with guidance, research and examples of projects and initiatives to assist in creating a more comprehensive and stronger interagency response.

While each of the sections have been designed to focus on a specific area there may be a number of sections that will be of use and you will be encouraged to cross reference where appropriate.

The toolkit was developed and launched by AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) in 2010, thanks to funding from the Home Office. Unfortunately, it has not been updated since the end of March 2015, when funding for the work stopped. If you have any feedback or comments on this online toolkit please email ccrm@avaproject.org.uk.

Please refer to Section one - Introduction which gives further explanation of how to use the toolkit and how it can be useful to your particular agency.

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Contents (full breakdown of sections available in section one)

Section one: introduction

Section two: individuals (victims/survivors)

Section three: perpetrators

Section four: children, young people and domestic violence

Section five: community responses

Section six: safety and risk management mechanisms

Section seven: agencies to assist individuals (victims/survivors)

Section eight: agencies to assist perpetrators

Section nine: agencies to assist children and young people

Section ten: making connections - survivors, children and perpetrators

Section eleven: coordination


Disclaimer: This CCRM toolkit has been created by AVA and features a wide range of information and websites from different agencies. The information available here does not necessarily reflect the views of AVA and we are not responsible for the content of other websites featured here.

Last updated: 17.05.16