2.7 A. Research and Evaluations

What Islam Really Says About Domestic Abuse

Jamil, S. A. (2007)

Produced In association with Amina –The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, the aim of this report is to overcome the myth which mistakenly justifies domestic abuse in the name of Islam and clarify the protection that Islam gives to women against abuse.

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Domestic Abuse Report

Methodist Church (2005)

A report outlining the issues facing members of the Methodist church who may be victims of domestic violence and the work the Church is doing to address this through it’s working group.

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Streams of Grace

World Council of Churches (WCC) (2005)

Produced by a WCC-related network of women theological teachers on violence against women. The report lifts up examples from all materials received by the WCC to tell the world that the churches and communities of Christians and others do care and are acting with determination and conviction to overcome violence against women and children.

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