2.7 B. Guidance and Resources


Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network resource pack

Presbyterian Health Education and Welfare Association (USA) (2014) Website

This PDF pack contains a variety of resources including policy statements, guidance for sermons, leaflets for survivors, checklists for improving safety for congregation members.

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Domestic Violence and Faith: A Toolkit for Faith Leaders, Faith Organisations and Members of Faith Communities

Greater London Domestic Violence Project (2008)

The toolkit aims to provide the tools to effectively and appropriately support those affected by domestic violence, to try to respond effectively to perpetrators, and to address social tolerance of domestic violence.

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Responding to Domestic Abuse: guidelines for those with pastoral responsibilities

Church House Publishing (2006)

Detailed guidance produced to make the church a place of safety for survivors of domestic violence.

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Practice Guidelines: a consultative document for churches, circuits and districts when working within the issue of domestic abuse

Methodist Church (2005)

These guidelines have been developed as a result of the recommendations made in a report presented to the Methodist Conference in June 2005.

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It Doesn’t Happen Here

Baptist Union of Great Britain (2005)

Information leaflet about various resources on domestic violence for churches, survivors and ministers.

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Jewish Teaching on Domestic Violence

Jewish Women’s Aid

Outlines how Jewish men who commit domestic violence, are destroying shalom bayit and breaking Jewish law.

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Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence Information Pack

National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW)

This is currently being updated and therefore not available electronically however please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Ending Domestic Violence in Muslim Families

Al-Khateeb, S.

Article by the Founder of the North American Council for Muslim Women.

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