2.8 B. Guidance and Resources

Mental Health and Substance Use Coercion Surveys: Report from the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health and the National Domestic Violence Hotline

Warshaw, C et al. (2014)

This report presents findings from two surveys conducted with callers to the National Domestic Violence Hotline that asked about their experience with different forms of mental health and substance use coercion used by their abusive partners.

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‘I Am More Than One Thing’: A guiding paper by Imkaan, Positively UK and Rape Crisis England and Wales on women and mental health

Imkaan, Positively UK and Rape Crisis England and Wales (2014)

This research is commissioned by the Women's Health & Equality Consortium (WHEC), a Health and Care Strategic Partner. The report focuses on three specific groups of marginalised women: Black and minority ethnic (BME) women, HIV-affected women, and women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or sexual violence.

Executive Summary

Full Report

Reducing Barriers to Support for Women who Experience Violence Toolkit

BC Society of Transition Houses (2011)

The Reducing Barriers toolkit provides Transition Housing programs, and other service providers that support women, with tools to effectively provide services to women fleeing violence who have varying levels of mental wellness and/or substance use. Taking into consideration that no one set of practices will be appropriate for every program, the toolkit focuses on a number of promising approaches that have been identified as essential for supporting women, and provides examples of how these approaches might be put into practice.

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The Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework 2011-2015

The Scottish Government (2011)

The Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework combines areas of work surrounding Sexual Health, HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B. It is a multi-agency, cross agenda approach based on five high level outcomes.

Chapter 3: Respect and Responsibility: Sexual Health and Wellbeing Unlike the other three topic chapters in this Framework, each of which deals with a single disease, this chapter relates to a range of sexual health and wellbeing issues. The sexual health chapter of the Framework is, therefore, necessarily broader in scope.

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Information Briefing 1: understanding the relationship between domestic abuse and alcohol use

Scottish Women's Aid (2010)

This information sheet provides a brief overview of the dynamics and consequences of alcohol use in relationships where there is domestic abuse.

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Risk management: what it means for the domestic violence and the substance misuse sectors

Stella Project and London Drug and Alcohol Network (2010)

The purpose of this briefing is to improve practitioners’ knowledge and understanding on risk management for service users with experiences of both problematic substance use and domestic violence.

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Women with Complex Needs: Good Practice Guidelines and Pathways for Working with Women Affected by Domestic Violence, Substance Misuse and Mental Health Issues

Birmingham and Solihull Women's Aid (2010)

This guidance seeks to support staff in their management of the impact and risks associated with domestic violence, together with their navigation of the specialist provision needed to meet the range and complexity of needs that abuse creates. The guidance further aims to support practitioners to develop more integrated multi-agency approaches, recognising that if we don’t address safety, women will not be able to engage with mental health and substance abuse services.

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Embrace Knowledge Set One: domestic abuse

Alcohol Concern (2009)

Embrace is the Alcohol Concern Children, Families and Domestic Abuse Project. Funded by the Big Lottery, Embrace aims to help alcohol services work more effectively with issues relating to children, families and domestic abuse through training, consultancy, information and policy and practice guidance.

This is the first of three Knowledge Sets aimed at alcohol services, commissioners and policy makers, as well as their partners in the children, families and domestic abuse fields. The Knowledge Sets aim to provide the alcohol and related fields with basic information that they will need in order to develop more family focused services that take account of domestic abuse.

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Getting Safe and Sober: Real Tools You Can Use 2nd Edition

ANDVSA: Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (2008)

An advocacy teaching kit that provides a support group manual and training tools for advocates and other professionals working with women who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse and other trauma.

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Innovative Responses: new pathways to address domestic violence and substance misuse across London

Stella Project (2008)

This document will be extremely useful to commissioners, those responsible for policy within Drug and Alcohol Action Teams (DAATs) and Community Safety Teams, as well as practitioners responsible for service delivery. The report highlights innovative and integrated joint working practice which will help inform future policy and service development as well as listing key learning points and recommendations where relevant.

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Domestic Violence, Drugs and Alcohol: good practice guidelines

Stella Project (2007)

The information in this toolkit aims to provide practitioners and service managers within the domestic violence and substance misuse sectors with the basic knowledge and skills they require to respond to service users safely and appropriately.  It has been compiled in consultation with practitioners from both sectors and provides practical guidance, case studies and sample documents enabling workers to use the toolkit as a reference and workbook.

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Guidance for local drugs partnership when undertaking a needs assessment

Stella Project (2007)

In line with NTA guidance on completing needs assessment for adult drug treatment, this short briefing advises partnerships to look towards domestic violence agencies as a potential source of information of unmet need.

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Refining the Routes: domestic violence and substance misuse

Camden Domestic Violence Forum (2007)

Policies, procedures and protocols for partnership work in the London borough of Camden.


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Violence Services’ Response to Women with Substance Use Problems

Coalescing on Women and Substance Use (2007)

Excellent fact sheets and presentations available to download which are the result of a one year virtual community collaboration which brought together over thirty practitioners from the domestic violence, drug and alcohol sectors in Canada. Information leaflets are available on how to discuss substance use with domestic violence survivors. There is also one aimed directly at women affected by substance use and domestic violence.

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Good practice guidelines for working with survivors or perpetrators of domestic violence who also use alcohol or drugs

Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottinghamshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (2004)

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Sample drugs policy for domestic violence services

Stella Project (2006)

The Stella Project has developed a sample drugs policy for use by domestic violence services which have actively chosen to work with women drug and alcohol users within a residential setting. Endorsed by Women’s Aid and Refuge, this policy is designed to provide a legal framework for working with women in relation to section eight of the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971).

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Good Practice Guidelines for working with women who use substances

Women’s Aid

Guidance for domestic violence services covering a range of issues such as legal and child protection issues as wells as practical guidance.

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Sample Documents – Chapter 5 of the Stella Project Toolkit - Domestic violence, drugs and alcohol: good practice guidelines

This section displays sample policies and tools, including:

•    Stella Project sample drug and alcohol screening tool for use by domestic violence agencies

•    Dependency screening tool

•    Substance misuse routine inquiry procedures (for survivors and perpetrators)

•    Drug and alcohol risk assessment

•    Domestic violence screening tool

•    Domestic violence risk indicator checklist

•    Sample safety plan

•    Domestic violence and abuse sample agency policy

•    Domestic violence policy for employees

•    Stella Project practice standards for domestic violence agencies

•    Stella Project practice standards for substance misuse agencies

•    Referral pathway (substance misuse to domestic violence agency)

•    Referral pathway (domestic violence to substance misuse agency)

•    Sample domestic violence policy statement

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