5.1 A. Research and Evaluations


The role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality

United Nations (2008)

There is a growing consensus on the need to involve men and boys in gender equality work, stimulated not least through the consideration of this issue by the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2004 and its review of the implementation of the recommendations in 2007.

This report was published to promote the goals of the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action.  This explores men’s role in achieving gender equality, male identity, and men’s motivation for involvement in gender equality work and also men’s resistance to change.

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Engaging Men in Men’s Violence Prevention: exploring the tensions, dilemmas and possibilities

Pease, B. (2008)

The aim of this discussion paper is to raise some questions and to encourage debate about the impact on gender equality of increasing men’s involvement in campaigns to end men’s violence against women.

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The Macho Paradox: why some men hurt women and how all men can help

Katz, J. (2006)

In this book the author argues that violence against women will not end until men join the fight against it. The author examines the cultural roots of violence against women; that is, the belief that men should be strong, unemotional and in control, while women should be passive, obedient and cater to men’s needs. He considers how misogynist beliefs are perpetuated through gangster rap, professional wrestling, radio talk shows, pornography and strip shows. He notes that violence prevention educators need to consider the importance of race and culture when working with white men, as well as with African American and Latino men. The link below gives a preview of the book.

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Working with Men to Prevent Violence against Women: an overview (Part One)

Berkowitz, A. (2004)

This document provides an overview of current efforts involving men in the prevention of violence against women. This document discusses men’s role in prevention, what is effective, cultural issues and considerations in working with men.

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Working with Men to Prevent Violence against Women: program modalities and formats (Part Two)

Berkowitz, A. (2004)

This document discusses best practices in prevention, provides an overview of different programme modalities and formats and reviews programme philosophies that can be used in working with men to prevent violence against women.

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Engaging Men: strategies and dilemmas in violence prevention education among men

Flood, M. (2002)

This paper outlines Australian community education campaigns directed at men and the dilemmas which they deal with; it then identifies five key challenges of working with violence against women.

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Men: what you can say and do to make a difference

Men Stopping Violence

This is an example of a resource developed in the form of a leaflet in the USA.  Setting out information and guidance for men to challenge violence and abuse and how to respond to women and children.

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