5.2 B. Guidance and Resources


Lechery, Immodesty and the Talmud

LINZER, D (2012)

An article in The New York Times Opinion Pages

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Bringing Hope Conference Report

Faith and Freedom (2010)

Faith and Freedom assessed the capability of Christian Organisations to address domestic abuse, their findings led to this one day conference to raise awareness about domestic abuse and resources available.

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Catholic Omnibus

National Board of Catholic Women (2010)

A quarterly e-magazine produced by the National Board of Catholic Women.

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Faith and Domestic Violence: a toolkit for faith leaders, faith organisations and faith community members

GLDVP (2008)

The information in this toolkit aims to provide faith leaders, staff and volunteers of faith organisations and individual members of faith communities with the basic knowledge and skills they require to respond safely and appropriately to domestic violence. It provides practical guidance, case studies and sample documents and policies.

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Responding to domestic abuse: guidelines for those with pastoral responsibilities

Church House Publishing (2006)

This provides comprehensive guidelines to help church communities address issues of domestic violence in an informed way.

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Reshape: Newsletter

Sexual Assault Coalition Resource Sharing Project (2005)

Issue 14 focuses on faith-based issues. The first section addresses the specific work coalitions are doing in collaborating with others in the faith community and the second section provides strategies that community based programs can use to better serve sexual assault victims or build their capacity to work with survivors in a particular faith.

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Faith Trust Institute: Domestic Violence Sermon

Enger, C.G. (2002)

This is an exploration of the issues of domestic violence including its prevalence. The sermon challenges the myths that exist, and looks to the teaching and ethics of the Jewish faith to respond to domestic abuse to support victims and challenge perpetrators.

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Ending violence in the family

A statement of the Bahá'í Community of the UK (2001)

This statement explores the impact of family violence, how it can be addressed and the wider implications for society, based on the faith of the Bahá'í Community beliefs.

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