5.3 A. Research and Evaluations


The Impact of Family and Friends’ Reactions on the Well-being of Women with Abusive Partners

Goodkind, J. et al (2003) [abstract]

This study explores the disclosure of domestic abuse to family and friends and the consequent responses when revealed. The impact of the responses on the women’s well-being is also examined.

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‘Me mother's bank and me nanan's, you know, support!’ Women who left domestic violence in England and issues of informal support

Wilcox, P. (2000) [abstract]

This study discusses the need to further develop informal support for women in, or attempting to leave, domestic violence situations. Looking at the impact of leaving violence, such as losing friends, leaving the community, continued violence by partners and police response.

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The Influence of Supportive and Non-Supportive Persons in Helping Rural Women in Abusive Partner Relationships Become Free from Abuse

Bosch, K. and Bergen, M. B. (2006) [abstract]

This study examined behaviours of supportive and non-supportive persons and the effectiveness of support networks in helping rural women in abusive partner relationships become free from abuse.

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