5.5 B. Guidance and Resources


Self-Care and Self-Defence Manual for Feminist Activists

CREA (2008)

CREA advances women's human rights and the sexual rights of all people by building leadership, influencing social movements, expanding discourses, and creating enabling social and policy environments.  This manual brings a lot of issues together in one place, setting out the need for activists to connect with themselves as persons and not just activists, to reflect on treatment of themselves and their loved ones and the nature of their relationships, to identify the tools and skills they need to be equipped with to care for themselves, the importance of self-love and fun.

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The Power to Change: how to set up and run support groups for victims and survivors of domestic violence

Daphne Project (2008)

This manual outlines some of the practical and organisational considerations required to set up support groups for survivors of domestic violence in a way that enhances their safety and self-esteem. It also presents three possible models, any of which can be used as a basis for running such groups. Two of these models are facilitated support group programmes and the third model is that of the unfacilitated self-help group. This manual has been written and produced by the organisations participating in the Daphne project ‘Survivors speak up for their dignity: supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence, 2007-2009’.

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The Survivor’s Handbook

Barron, J. (2007)

The Survivor's Handbook provides practical support and information for women experiencing domestic violence, with simple guidance on every aspect of seeking support.

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Forced Marriage Survivor’s Handbook

Forced Marriage Unit, Foreign and Common Wealth Office (2007)

This book will give you useful and practical information to help survivors take control of their lives and focus on the future.

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Peer-Facilitated Support Groups for Abused Women

Freeman, J. and Larcombe, K. (1993)

Provides information about peer-facilitated support groups for abused women, including why they can be useful. Explains different formats that could be used, prescribes the role of the facilitators, and suggests information for potential facilitators.

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Anniversary Reactions: a survivor’s guide on how to cope

Panos, A.

This article defines ‘anniversary reaction’, provides two survivor stories, suggests some ways to cope and things families and friends might do to help and provides additional resources.

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