8.1 A. Research and Evaluations


Virtual courts pilot: outcome evaluation report

Ministry of Justice (2010)

The report presents findings from the virtual court pilot evaluation, looking at the cost effectiveness, speed and justice outcomes of the pilot sites compared to the traditional courts.

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Justice with Safety: special domestic violence courts review 2007-08

Home Office, Criminal Justice Service (2008)

This report outlines the findings of a review of the first twenty three Special Domestic Violence Court (SDVCs). The review aimed to assess the performance of the SDVCs and develop a better understanding of the key components needed to deliver the measures of success. To identify barriers to delivery and good practice in relation to operating an SDVC and inform the ongoing development of the SDVC programme including a review of the core components and the subsequent updating of the National Resource Manual.

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Evaluation of the national domestic violence training programme 2005-2008

CPS (2008)

The first national CPS domestic violence training programme was developed through the CPS' Domestic Violence Project, which ran between 2003 and 2005. The programme was launched in February 2005, alongside the revised Policy and Guidance on Prosecuting Case of Domestic Violence.

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Evaluation of Specialist Domestic Courts Fast Track Systems

Cook, D. et al. (2004)

The evaluation research reported here was commissioned by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA). The Government’s 2001 election manifesto included a commitment to consider whether specialist domestic violence courts would offer more effective protection for victims. This evaluation aims to assist the criminal and civil justice government agencies to judge the effectiveness of specialist courts and thereby help to inform the government policy debate as to whether and how specialist courts should be developed.

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Pretrial Innovations for Domestic Violence Offenders and Victims: lessons from the judicial oversight demonstration initiative

Christy, A. et al. (2007)

This is a USA resource which discusses how pre-trial innovations for domestic violence cases were implemented. The goal is to increase victim safety while holding offenders accountable. The report describes the pre-trial strategies used, key aspects of their implementation, and lessons learned for other jurisdictions wishing to try similar innovations.

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