8.3 Perpetrator Programmes


Perpetrator programmes have been developed with the aim of helping men to take responsibility for their behaviour and to support change in behaviour and attitudes.


Perpetrator programmes operate both inside and outside the criminal justice system. The Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (IDAP) or the Community Domestic Abuse Programme (CDAP) are offered as part of a court sentence. These are accredited by the Correctional Services Accreditation Panel (CSAP).


For men in prison, the Prison Service runs the Health Relationships Programme see Section 8.2.


There are also programmes in the community which men can make a self-referral or can access via social services. Some of these services also work with female perpetrators. These programmes can receive accreditation through the Respect Accreditation Standard details of which can be found in section 8.3B.

Guidance for practitioners who will come into contact with abusive men outside of structured perpetrator programmes (e.g. health, social services etc.) can be found in Section 3.