8.3 C. Relevant Websites


Respect is the UK association for domestic violence perpetrator programmes and associated support services. The Respect Phoneline is an information and advice line for people who are abusive and/or violent towards their partners and who want help to stop their abuse. They can give contact details for all Respect member perpetrator programmes across the UK. The Phoneline is also available to frontline workers who have contact with domestic violence perpetrators as well as (ex)-partners of perpetrators wanting to find out what help is available for the abuser. Respect are also coordinating the longitudinal research on programme outcomes, the first ever research of its kind in the UK.


Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP)

DVIP's main aim is to increase the safety of women and children who experience domestic violence by providing a range of diverse services challenging men, supporting women, working in partnership, influencing policy and campaigning for change.



Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse (MINCAVA) Clearing House

Numerous articles on ‘batterer intervention’ programmes focused on work within the USA.