8.4 A. Research and Evaluations


MPA Domestic and Sexual Violence Board Final Report

Metropolitan Police Authority (2011)

This report shows the outcomes from five years of work to monitor and improve the police response to domestic and sexual violence in London.

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Service Provision for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Hester, M. and Westmarland, N. (2006)

This study analysed 692 perpetrator profiles held by Northumbria Police and conducted 17 interviews with perpetrators in the Northumbria police force area to explore what happened when perpetrators had been reported to the police for domestic violence.

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Without Consent: HMCPSI and HMIC thematic report

HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (2007)

In 2002, HMIC and HMCPSI published a joint thematic inspection report on the investigation and prosecution of rape offences. The report made a total of 18 recommendations and three suggestions to improve the investigation of rape cases by the police. This review was conducted to assess progress against the recommendations and suggestions of the 2002 inspection.

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Results of Home Office Survey of Police Data Collection on Domestic Violence: summary of findings

Home Office (2006)

Thirty police forces submitted responses to the survey of domestic violence data collection. Not all forces responded to individual questions, therefore the percentages use the total number of actual responses to each question as the denominator

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Evaluation Report: MPS domestic violence training

MPS Training Standards Unit (2005)

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the MPS Domestic Violence Training Programme. The evaluation examined the ‘inputs’ or ‘enablers’ of the training programme: identification of needs, training design, implementation and delivery. However, the main focus was on ‘outcomes’: how participants reacted to the training, application of their learning in the workplace, and crucially, the impact of the training on organisational results and MPS service delivery.

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‘Getting away with it’: a strategic overview of domestic violence sexual assault and ‘serious’ incident analysis domestic violence offenders

MPS (2004)

This analysis presents the MPS and the criminal justice system as a whole with an opportunity to learn the lessons about domestic violence offenders and become more proactive and intelligence-led around prevention, protection and enforcement in the future.

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The Paradox of Women Arrested for Domestic Violence: criminal justice professionals and service providers respond

Miller, S. (2001)

Increasingly, women are being arrested for domestic violence charges as part of dual arrests (when their partner is also arrested) or as a result of their own actions. This article explores this issue by examining one state's experience, using interview data from criminal justice professionals and service providers who deal directly with women arrested for domestic violence charges.

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