8.4 B. Guidance and Resources

A Guide to Violent Offender Orders

Home Office (2009)

Violent Offender Orders (VOOs) were developed by the Home Office in conjunction with the Association of Chief Police Officers to address offenders who continue to pose a risk of serious violent harm to the public even after their release from prison or when their licence has ceased. Violent Offender Orders are a preventative measure and will be used in cases where the risk is judged to be most significant. This document is a guidance on VOOs, what they are and how they can be used.

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ACPO Guidance on Investigating Domestic Abuse

National Policing Improvement Agency (2008)

The purpose of this guidance is to provide the Police Service with clear information about the policing of domestic abuse. It provides operational, tactical and strategic advice. Management issues are summarised at the end of each section.

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ACPO Honour Based Violence Strategy

Association of Chief Police Officers (2008)

This guidance has been written following extensive consultation with partners from across sectors and with survivors of forced marriage and other forms of honour-based violence. It sets out proposals for moving forward the response of the police to honour based violence and the development of a coordinated national police Honour Based Violence Strategy and two-year action plan.

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Metropolitan Police Service DRAFT Serious Violence Strategy 2007 – 2009: To reduce serious crime

MPS (2007)

The simple aim of reducing serious violence in London is supported by a simple approach focusing upon the most violent offenders, vulnerable victims and dangerous places.

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ACPO Guidance: identifying, assessing and managing risk in the context of policing domestic violence

Association of Chief Police Officers (2005)

The purpose of this document is to set out the ACPO position in relation to the core aims, principles, objectives/outcomes and processes of identifying, assessing and managing risk in domestic violence cases. The document does not provide a model risk assessment and management tool/process, but will provide guidance for forces which are developing or have in place particular tools/processes within their own local system.

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MPS Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Model

Metropolitan Police Service (2003)

A police tool which includes the SPECCS and RARA models designed to serve as an aide-memoire to police when undertaking risk assessment with victims.

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Findings from the Multi-agency Domestic Violence Murder Reviews in London: Prepared for the ACPO Homicide Working Group

Metropolitan Police Service (2003)

This report details the findings based on 30 out of 56 domestic violence homicides reviews. It details the learning which fed into the development of the MPS risk assessment model (above) and outlines guidance for delivering murder reviews in the appendices.

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