10.2 B. Guidance and Resources

Caring Dads Programme

This programme was developed in recognition of the lack of interventions in the UK with fathers at risk of directly perpetrating physical and emotional child abuse. This presentation gives an overview of the programme which aims to address this gap.

Please note that Respect recommend that this programme should not be seen as a replacement to a Perpetrator Programme as it does not address the dynamics involved in intimate partner violence.

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Fathering After Violence: Working with Abusive Fathers in Supervised Visitation

Family Violence Prevention Fund (2007)

This guide from the USA is intended to give guidance to those participating in the Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Program. It aims to enhance the safety and well-being of women and children by working more deliberately with abusive fathers who use the centres to visit their children.

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Parenting in the Context of Domestic Violence

Judicial Council of California Administrative Office of the Courts Centre for Families, Children, & the Courts (2003)

A report from the USA which looks at issues of parenting by perpetrators of domestic violence and parenting by the victims of domestic violence. It assesses the impact of domestic violence on children and parent and interventions when working with families following incidents of domestic violence.

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