9. Agencies to assist children and young people

It is important that agencies address the safety and needs of children that experience domestic violence and that the needs of any children are always addressed in interventions with adult domestic violence survivors and perpetrators. Provision is also required to increase safety and support for young people who experience domestic violence in their own teenage relationships.

This section gives an overview of the agencies that can provide assistance to children and young people experiencing domestic violence either as a witness or in their own relationships. It will also cover issues relating to child contact. It includes a range of agencies and organisations as follows:


9.2 - Courts and Crown Prosecution Service

9.3 - Health

9.4 - Local Authority: Children’s Services (Health and Social Care), Education, Housing

9.5 - Police

9.6 - Specialist voluntary sector domestic violence services

See also:

Section 4 - contains information about the impact of domestic violence on children and young people and also information about young people who experience it in their own teenage relationships.

Section 10.2 - which contains more information about making the links between perpetrators and children in service provision.

We also recommend reading:

Children Act 1989

Family Law Act 1996

Adoption and Children Act 2002

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