9.1 B. Guidance and Resources


Women's Aid Briefing on Ofsted's inspection of Cafcass - south east region

Women's Aid (2008)

The 2008 inspection report from Ofsted on Cafcass South East region found that, although Cafcass offers a good to adequate service for children and young people involved in public law proceedings, its services in private law proceedings in the region are inadequate.The report found that the private law service provided by Cafcass is inadequate and unacceptable and that the priority given to public law cases has led to serious delays in providing services to children, young people and their families involved in private law proceedings.

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Putting children and young people first: domestic violence toolkit

Cafcass (2005 revised 2007)

The toolkit sets out a research knowledge base, examples of evidenced based practice and some minimum professional standards for safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of a child who has experienced domestic violence. The first version of this policy and toolkit was produced in October 2005. This version (April 2007) has been edited to co-ordinate with Cafcass’ Safeguarding Framework.

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My Needs, Wishes and Feelings


This practice model provides a framework to ensure that children's needs, wishes and feelings are always explored, and supports children to express themselves and to be more actively involved in the whole family court process. This resource was developed in consultation with Cafcass practitioners, external partners and children. Included below are links to the hand book for practitioners, as well as the pack for children.

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