How to use this toolkit

The toolkit has been divided into eleven sections including the introduction.

Within each section are further subsections pertaining to different groups of survivors or different agencies responsible for responding to the needs of survivors, children or perpetrators.

Most sections follow the following formula within each subsection:

A: Research and Evaluations

B: Guidance and Resources (including policies and procedures)

C: Relevant Websites

D: Projects and Initiatives

Section eleven which focuses on coordination follows a different formula and each subsection is further divided into different themed areas for ease of reference.

Each publication or document which features in the toolkit is listed by title, author and year only. Documents from the UK will first feature in descending order of publication date. Information which originates outside the UK will then follow in date order. Links will open into either a pdf or word document or take you to further web pages.

In order to avoid duplication we have provided cross references to different sections of the toolkit where further documents and guidance can be found in relation to the topic matter.

For articles which have been published in academic journals we have been unable to provide the full text due to copyright issues. In such cases we have provided a link to the abstract and webpage where the full article can be purchased.

Within each section, the tabs on the left hand side will show the relevant subsections which you simply click on to follow the link. Where we advise to cross reference to another section the link will be provided which will take you straight there. Other sections of the toolkit can be accessed easily via the tabs at running across the top of each page.