3. Perpetrators


Perpetrators will come into contact with professionals both within and outside the criminal justice system. For example:

•    Perpetrator programmes as part of a court sentence or self-referral to a community based programme
•    Family courts
•    Health settings such as GP practices, substance misuse agencies, mental health agencies
•    Social services
•    Family and couples therapy

Working on the basis of currently available evidence, this section will mainly focus on male heterosexual perpetrators. However, where other information is available (e.g. female perpetrators, LGBT perpetrators etc) this will be highlighted.

Topics covered by the range of documents in this section include:

•    Myths and stereotypes (e.g. agency/intentionality, ability to change, alcohol/substance misuse)
•    Issues around anger and domestic violence
•    Identification of perpetrators
•    Research on effective interventions with perpetrators

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