4.2 B. Guidance and Resources


Advice for professionals from young victims of domestic violence

Voice Against Violence (2012)

Voice Against Violence is a group of eight young experts who have first hand experience of domestic abuse and different services. This document summarises young survivors advice to professionals.

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Teenage Relationship Abuse: A Teacher’s Guide To Violence And Abuse In Teenage Relationships

Home Office, AVA (2010)

As part of the Home Office campaign to challenge the attitudes of teenagers to violence and abuse in relationships this guide offers advice for schools and teenagers on dealing with issues around teenage relationship abuse. Developed in collaboration with Women’s Aid, Against Violence and Abuse and Womankind.

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How to Help Your Mates

AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) formerly the GLDVP (2008)

This leaflet was written to help young people advise their friends if they are worried that they maybe in an abusive relationship.

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The Expect Respect Education Toolkit

Women’s Aid Federation (2008)

Women’s Aid have developed an educational toolkit consisting of lesson plans for reception to year 13 children.

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The Spiralling DVD and Toolkit

A specially created UK film featuring domestic abuse in a teenage relationship for use with secondary school age children and older. There is also an accompanying extensive toolkit full of resources and lesson plans for children of all ages.

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Human Rights Education Resource: Women’s Rights Section Two

Amnesty International UK

Human rights education activities for use in teaching Personal, Social and Health Education, Citizenship and English for children and young people aged 11 - 18.

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The Anti-Bullying Alliance

A coalition of organisations and individuals working together to stop bullying and create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn. Their website provides links to various resources, including information for schools on anti-bullying policy and guidance documents.

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Domestic Violence and Bullying: good practice guidelines

James-Hanman, D. (2005)

This leaflet produced by the Home Office contains information for schools on addressing domestic violence. It covers the relationship between schoolchildren, bullying and domestic violence; how to address suspected cases of domestic violence; and how to address domestic violence as an issue within the classroom.

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Tough Talk: what boys need to know about relationship abuse


Booklet aimed at boys designed as part of the US based Love is Not Abuse website.

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Teen Dating Violence Information and Resources: Overview

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (2004)

An information packet designed in the US to provide an introduction to the dynamics, prevalence and consequences of teen dating violence. It also includes awareness raising booklets, checklists and posters.

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Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence: a handbook for the Juvenile Justice System to enhance assessment and intervention strategies for youth from violent homes

Baker, L. and Jaffe, P.G. (2003)

Created by the Family Violence Department of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges in the USA, this handbook aims to raise awareness among criminal justice professionals of the issues facing young people who are using violence towards parents and within their own relationships, as well as those experiencing parental domestic violence.

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Teen Power and Control Wheel

Developed by the National Centre on Domestic and Sexual Violence based on the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth.

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Choose Respect: Community Action Kit: helping preteens and teens build healthy relationships

CHOOSE RESPECT is a US based campaign to promote healthy relationships and prevent dating (relationship) abuse. The campaign is designed to reach boys and girls ages 11 to 14 - and the adults who care about them - with messages about healthy relationships. CHOOSE RESPECT messages challenge harmful beliefs about dating abuse and stress the importance of respectful dating relationships.

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Facilitators Guide: Center for Young Women’s Health: the Teen Safe Curriculum - for girls 12-15 years old

This Facilitators Guide is comprehensive and offers background information for each module including frequently asked questions (FAQs) for facilitators, safety issues, tips for effective presentations and other resources.

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The Violence Around Me

Materials developed by the Instituto Promundo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aimed at health and education professionals working with young men. Exercises are given to help facilitate critical discussion on the violence that we see in daily life, including what happens in the street, in our homes, school, workplace and in the media.

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