2.4 B. Guidance and Resources


Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Welsh Women's Aid (2010)

A briefing on services for male victims of domestic abuse. The briefing has been produced with the input of several organisations which work with men, including Respect;  Men's Advice Line; The Dyn Project; Coalition on Men and Boys; Gemini, and Relate Cymru.

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Talk it over- Advice and support for men in abusive relationships

Men’s Advice Line - Respect (2009)

A comprehensive booklet that provides advice and support for men experiencing domestic violence.

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Manual For Men Affected by Domestic Violence

James-Hanman, D. and Varney, J. (2008)

Guidance produced on behalf of the Men’s Health Forum which covers issues facing men as victims as well as perpetrators. The second half of the guide refers to men as victims.

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Men Experiencing Domestic Abuse – Good Practice Guidelines

Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum (2008)

The TRI Project at NDVF have developed this resource for professionals to promote good practice and offer skills and insight into the complex nature of domestic violence against men by intimate partners, whether male or female.

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