2.5 B. Guidance and Resources


Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Scheme

Department of Health (2004)

The heart of this scheme is the POVA list of care workers who have harmed vulnerable adults in their care. Registered care providers must request a check against the POVA list when considering a person for a care position. Employment agencies must apply for POVA checks with regard to care workers they supply to registered providers of care homes and domiciliary care agencies.

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Violence Against Disabled Women: accessing services, providing support

Women’s Support Project

This briefing gives an overview of the issues, gives one woman’s story and details how services can respond effectively to women with disabilities who have experienced violence and abuse.

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Assessing for Abuse in Later Life

Brandl, B. (2004)

US guidance aimed at health professionals for identifying domestic violence experienced by older people and how to help.

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Domestic Abuse in Later Life: tips on working with victims

National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life, USA (2003)

Suggestions for questions, things to listen out for and how to intervene safely.

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Where were you 30 years ago? Where are you today?

Brandl, B. (2003)

US article aimed at highlighting the issues facing older survivors and current service provision in the USA.

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Developing Services for Older Abused Women: a guide for domestic abuse programs

Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence (1996) [Abstract]

US guidance exploring how service provision can be developed to meet the needs of older survivors.

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